Enhance Your Website Through Powerful CMS and Bespoke Modular Applications!

Most off-the-shelf content management systems (CMS) will perform a range of basic tasks.

The Correl8 platform offers true customisation with a unique blend of modular functionality and bespoke add-ons to match your exact requirements.

Manage Content Your Way

Correl8 is built up of custom modules and powerful applications to allow you to manage your product, bookings and content. We have developed bespoke applicatons for many clients which have been totally expandable to suit their needs.

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Manage Content Your Way

Upload and crop images to your page and add search engine optimised copy and META information.

Travel Reservation Modules

Upload your product via a user-friendly interface and control prices, stop sales and special offers.

Manage Online Marketing

Store newsletter and enquiry form sign-ups in a single database and add search engine tracking codes.

Custom Reporting

Access to sales and revenue reporting and any other custom reports, can be added to your module.

Award-winning, Cost-effective Websites

Since the mid-nineties, Correl8 has been creating award-winning, cost-effective websites, supported by highly successful online marketing strategies.

Correl8 is well established, with a rapidly growing reputation for quality, innovation and exceptional customer focus.

Correl8 also specialises in providing web design and marketing services to the travel industry.

Our commitment is to approach your projects with due diligence and professionalism, keep you informed at all times and be transparent in how we charge for our services.

If we genuinely don't think we are the people you should be working with, we will tell you up front. No 'over-optimistic' promises, just honest hard work, quality and service.

Website Design and Build

We've spent the last 13 years perfecting the processes by which we design, build and market our websites. We feel as a company we are at the forefront of web technologies and marketing.

  • Creative Design
  • Content Management
  • Web Services Integration
  • Secure Hosting

Online Marketing Services

Everyone knows that online marketing is not that simple, but most businesses in the UK don't truly appreciate how subtle and complex it can be to run a really effective marketing campaign.

  • Managed SEO
  • Managed PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting Services


"Correl8 have been absolutely brilliant. They took our initial ideas and created a website that we are proud of for its design and functionality. Over the years they have created add-on modules that meet our specific requirements like a blogging module and a testing module. One of the key things for us is their customer service – very quick to respond in a very helpful and supportive way. Overall, a great partner!"

Phil Hopkins
Chief Executive
The English Language Centre