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If you're a little baffled about how to get the best out of Google SERPS (search engine results pages), then maybe we can help to demystify some of the myths, and set you on track to some success. We are happy to work as independent consultants, an extension to your existing marketing team, or a complete outsourced solution.

As many of you will know, Google has two sets of search results: paid search or PPC (pay per click) & natural, organic search (SEO, search engine optimisation). We offer management services for both these types of results. Our service and pricing may differ to other agencies. We're totally transparent, we don't charge a % of spend and we're honest and up front with any results or ROI. 

At the end of the day, you don't really know 100% if something is going to work until you give it a try! I mean, Google PPC didn't work for our business, but natural search does have its place for us in some respects. We would never undertake any marketing services without giving our clients an open and honest insight into how it all works. 
Lead generation (quite specifically) is one of our latest digital marketing services that we offer. You could argue that generating any lead via Google is classed as 'lead generation', but those are more reactive, in that you appear when someone specifically searches for your service, and that's great right?

Well, what happens, when like us, Google Ads or SEO becomes a little saturated and incredibly expensive? We can't possibly explain to our clients how we differ in our service offering to other agencies in just a few characters. I mean there's quite literally hundreds of thousands of web developers, so what makes us so unique?

That's where we start to look at active lead generation via different channels such as email (email prospecting) and LinkedIn (LinkedIn outreach). Far too much detail to go into here, but clicking on any of the links above should take you to a news article with a little more detail.
Facebooks, Twitters, Instas, what's that all about eh! We love to coin a phrase from the film: The Internship. "Taking a photo and putting it out there on the line"! Hilarious. As you can imagine there's far more to it than that! We're talking social media strategy.

Most businesses these days may have the resources to update their own social media channels. Which is great, content is good (well the right sort of content is good). But can you use social media to increase awareness, engagement and sales? Yes, of course! Social media channels know that they can generate even more revenue by implementing a paid service, and this does have its place in the world of digital marketing, and if done correctly, can return ROI (return on investment).

Once again, it may not work for everyone, we will need to review your business and products and see what we can come up with in terms of a SOM (social media) strategy. Maybe it's a 'Page Likes' campaign to begin with, or maybe your social media already has great engagement, and you just need sales! We'll happily discuss the best options with you.
What our customers say
  • Correl8 have been absolutely brilliant. They took our initial ideas and created a website that we are proud of for its design and functionality. Over the years they have created add-on modules that meet our specific requirements like a blogging module and a testing module. One of the key things for us is their customer service – very quick to respond in a very helpful and supportive way. Overall, a great partner!
    Phil Hopkins
    Chief Executive - The English Language Centre
  • Correl8 have constantly delivered to a high standard our bespoke system requirements from website through to back office developments. Commitment to project scope and working within agreed timeliness is a key focus and they have been excellent in project delivery on time. They have a great business partnership philosophy in helping us bring alive dynamic solutions and meeting our evolving system requirements.
    Damien Mooney
    Managing Director - Cruising Excursions
  • I have both known and worked with the guys at Correl8 for well over 10 years now, and in that time they have never failed to deliver work and technology to the highest standard. That was why I was confident that they were the right partner for my new business. The system and reservation platform that they have developed is so unique and powerful, it allows us to quickly and easily contract new suppliers and homes and have them on-sale in the UK.
    Michael Eames
    Managing Director - Orlando Villas Direct
  • Correl8 have consistently delivered and supported Hovertravel as a business moving forward. They fully understand what we need to achieve from our online presence and completed the initial work within the projected deadline and budget.
    Julie Robson
    Hovertravel - Sales and Development Manager
  • We are delighted with the services provided by the team at Correl8. They are friendly and professional and posses all the skills and expertise necessary too help us to drive the business further forward. I would not hesitate in recommending Correl8 to any company looking to compliment any digital marketing services with very capable and reponsive in-house web developers.
    Emma McFarlane
    KpH Group - Sales & Marketing Executive
  • After receiving notice from our current system suppliers, we were left looking for an alternative that could support and develop our online business further. Correl8 came recommended to us by a partner, and we invited them along for to the office an initial visit. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism in this industry was evident. We are delighted with the work and support they have given us to date, all within timescales indicated, and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other business.
    Karl Lapage
    Coach Direct - Managing Director
  • I have used many different website content management systems to update content, write blogs and post articles. I can honestly say that the Correl8 CMS is far better than all of them. It's intuitive and easy to use and if you require more functionality, it can be added in for you. Plus, if you do find you occasionally require a little assistance, then the developers are quickly on hand to help.
    Alexandra Wilks
    Wimbledon School of English - Digital Marketing and Marketing Officer
  • Simon and the team at Correl8 have assisted not only us but a lot of my close business associates with their websites and digital marketing services. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon and all the staff at Correl8. Their work is second to none.
    Gary Streets
    Colvin - Group Director
  • We didn't really know what we wanted when we started and we must have been very painful customers to deal with as we made him re do a couple of websites from scratch as we kept changing our minds and our brief. All the way through the process Si remained calm and helpful and for a technophobe like myself, he made the whole process seem vaguely understandable. I would highly recommend both him and Olly...and all the team at Correl8.
    Chris Cole
    Alliance Buying Group - Managing Director
  • The team at Correl8 has been supporting the development of our online business for more than 6 years now and we've been delighted with the service we've received. Most recently, they provided us with a new, mobile-friendly website and enhanced our entire back-end booking system, all within a very tight time scale. We had quite a few unique requests with what we required the new system to do, and they had no problem building this into the platform. Overall, extremely pleased with their work. Great team to work with and can't speak highly enough of them
    Miles Saward
    Sport Options - Managing Director
  • What a great company to work with, they have been working with our company recently, particularly on digital marketing - the results are great. Fabulous attention to detail, contact and customer service. Well done indeed.
    Kevin Bishop
    Town and Country Legal Services LLP, Senior Partner
  • A big thank you to Simon and the team at Correl8 who are assisting us with our digital marketing services and how we engage with our customers. A really nice group of people to work with. Honest, reliable and knowledgeable.
    Simon Robinson
    Baldwin Robinson Law. Senior Partner

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