Last year was a very difficult one for the vast majority of businesses, and we've had to really look at ways in which we can adapt our service offering, so we're still on-hand to support our existing customers, whilst looking to provide a variety of solutions to new businesses too.

Correl8 System Development

Whilst we have continued to provide support to our existing customers, we've also looked a new and improved ways in which we can streamline our content management system even further! We've spent considerable time in further software development to implement the Laravel PHP framework into Correl8. This will enable us to better resource our customers moving forward and also to provide an even better content management system interface than we already have.


Town and Country legal services have demonstrated that using the right mix of marketing services, they can continue to offer businesses help and support throughout 2020. Correl8 has been successfully working with Town and Country throughout most of this year and are proud to say that we've helped to provide them with an excellent source of good, qualified leads and new business. 

Looking to the future...

As many businesses try to restart during a very turbulent year, we have spent considerable time updating our platforms to be even more secure and scalable, offering more in the way of flexible solutions and modules that can be added to either new or existing customer websites.