Back in February 2018, Google announced they would be displaying a warning inside their ‘Chrome’ web browser when a user loads a non-HTTPS website.

This message now appears in the address bar, which could potentially make users click off of your website. In today’s world, internet users are told to look for the “green padlock”. If a customer browsed an online shop and then were told that the page is insecure when they went to make a purchase, that would probably turn that customer away.

Having an SSL certificate can also benefit your business before a user even clicks into your website. In 2014, Google started to rank HTTPS website higher in search results! Therefore, those that were not secured by an SSL certificate were likely to receive less traffic as a result.

Thankfully, there are a few companies that make it easy for users to install an SSL certificate on their website. One such company, Let’s Encrypt will give you one for free, but may require some technical knowledge to get it running on your website.

Here at Correl8, we secure all of our websites with HTTPS by default. This means our customers and their customers have a much better and more secure web browsing experience. This is important for a number of our travel customers who take online bookings.

You can see more of our customer‘s websites on our portfolio page.