Every year, Apple refresh their top of the range devices with updated specs: usually a boost in CPU and graphics performance. This year was a little different for Apple’s iPad Pro which not only saw a huge improvement in CPU but also received a new look.

The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes: 11-inches and 12.9-inches. The screen resolution of them both are 2388-by-1668 and 2732-by-2048 respectively. There is no home button either on these devices, which has been replaced in favour of swiping touch gestures similar to the iPhone X. The lack of a physical button has meant the bezels around the screen are smaller making the iPad look closer to a sheet of metal and glass. The new screens also feature ProMotion technology which is Apple’s high-refresh rate display.

ProMotion and Content Creation

Typically, standard Pad screens run at 60hz, which means the display will not refresh more than 60 times per second. ProMotion displays run at 120hz, which as you can tell, will refresh up to 120 times per second. Why is this important? Well, from a creative standpoint, designers can take advantage of the new faster refresh rate display in both content creation and content consumption. In apps such as Procreate, you can now draw more accurately onto a canvas using the Apple Pencil- the ink appears to flow out of the stylus like a real pen.

ProMotion and Web Design

If you are building or designing a website, you can now create CSS animations that play at a much higher framerate. This makes your client’s web-browsing experience so much better. Moving text across the screen will look smoother and videos can now play at the full 120-frames per second. Even outside of animations, simply scrolling up and down on a webpage is smoother. It’s important therefore to ensure your website can load quickly so that the whole page can be displayed on screen whilst scrolling.

Responsive UI Design

Even though the screens are bigger on the new iPads, the screen resolution is identical. Therefore, if your website is already responsive, it will appear the same. Having a mobile-friendly or “responsive” design is very important to ensure a friendly user experience when browsing your website. All new Correl8 websites are built to work on all screen sizes, from small smartphone screens to large ultra-wide displays. 

The new iPad fits right in the middle, with a high resolution and an aspect ratio of 4:3. We test our responsive designs on various laptops, desktops and tablets to ensure that our clients website’s look and work great on different devices. You can read more about our most recent website designs in our portfolio