Swan Property Management https://www.swanproperty.co.uk/

In November 2018, Correl8 pushed live the latest iteration of the Swan Property Management website. A fluid and modern design, packed with features built specfically for property specialists.

About the Project

We worked closely with the Swan Property team to create a design that reflects their brand and integrates with the latest web technologies. Robert Summerfield, our lead creative designer worked through multiple variations of the design until a finalised one was agreed with the management at Swan Property. He created a design that focuses on imagery whilst being responsive and fluid. It looks and works great on all screen sizes.

“I was provided with a delightfully exciting design from Rob [Summerfield] which allowed us to really put a huge focus on imagery, an important feature for a site advertising property. That can be a difficult task if your goal is to also ensure that the site is fully responsive and usable for people on huge pixel dense displays as well as those browsing on their phones.”
John Robinson, Senior Developer

John built the design into Correl8- our bespoke content management system. A good website doesn’t just look great, it needs to be dynamic, so the content can change when needed. John built various different content areas into the Homepage module in Correl8, allowing both Swan and ourselves to edit the content of the website using a WYSIWYG editor.

Their previous website did not have a content management system and making changes to the content for search engine optimisation was a difficult task.

“From a front end perspective the goal with the 2018 update for Swan Property was to drag the website into the modern age. Not a lot has changed with regards to content or site structure, but the old website was looking very dated and offered users some unnecessary challenges when using the site on the vast array of screen sizes available today.”

Bespoke Content Management Systems

Swan Property Management needed a platform for clients to search through a catalogue of lettings on the market and so our team built a system to pull property information from KeyData. After discussing with Jonathon, they decided it needed to fetch the properties automatically as well as having the ability to manually import the latest property lettings information. 

We also built the property listings into their own Facebook page. A custom application was requested by the team to allow their Facebook followers to browse available lettings directly on their page. 

A module was built into Correl8 that fetches and caches letting information meaning that customers can search the list of property lettings fairly quickly. We also implemented a caching system for property images so thumbnails can be generated on the fly, reducing load times and improving usability.

“One challenge with displaying images served by a third party provider is the lack of control over the content, particularly images in our case. We have a plan in place for the new year to leverage some of the recent and exciting advances in cloud storage and responsive images to solve this issue and further improve the new website."

The website is a custom design by our team, then built from scratch into Correl8. We used the latest in website technologies whilst keeping support for older browsers in mind.

Correl8 are proud to have worked with Swan Property for a number of years and were very pleased when they contracted us to help bring their website into the modern era.

If you are looking for a modern and custom built website for your business, then contact Correl8 today. We have more than 15 years of experience working with hundreds of clients to provide tailor-made online services, from modular content management systems with the Correl8 CMS, to our pay-per-click and online marketing services. 

Swan Property Management’s new website is available to browse now at https://www.swanproperty.co.uk