About the Project

Orlando Villas Direct approached Correl8 in 2013 with a concept based around distributing rental villas in the UK, but in a different way to the majority of other tour operators. Orlando Villas was to be more 'technology' based using live availability as opposed to enquiry only or 'on request'. With over 20 years in the travel industry, Orlando Villas Direct have contracted many homes from a variety of different suppliers in the US, and wanted to be the only UK Orlando Villa specialist to allow specific bookings in thousands of US villas.

The Solution

This project was a challenge and a fairly considerable one to undertake. Most travel reservation platforms operate on a 'hotel-based' product where the property is allocated on a room basis with passengers assigned to each. Orlando Villas was specific in that they wanted a 'villa reservation platform' that allowed UK customers to book villas in Orlando by type and maximum occupancy as opposed to by room. There were also a number of different types of booking from allocated on arrival and named location through to specific homes. 

Correl8 had to also adapt to the manner in which management companies loaded pricing contracts and availability in some instances and developed modules to allow those to be easily added each year. Specific homes are connected via XML with realtime bookings and confirmations. Correl8 had to develop custom modules to accommodate each different XML and aggregate them all into one platform and outbound API.

"I have both known and worked with the guys at Correl8 for well over 10 years now, and in that time they have never failed to deliver work and technology to the highest standard. That was why I was confident that they were the right partner for my new business. The system and reservation platform that they have developed is so unique and powerful, it allows us to quickly and easily contract new suppliers and homes and have them on-sale in the UK."

Michael Eames, Managing Director