About the Project

Hovertravel is the world's only year round passenger hovercraft service and provides the fastest Isle of Wight ferry route across the Solent. The passenger service takes just 10 minutes to complete its crossing. With a very high volume of traffic and bookings (from both holiday makers and commuters), the website had to be robust, fast and have the ability to scale and adapt with the future requirements of the business. The basket process needed to have the ability to upsell attractions, bus tickets and souvenirs. 

The Solution

Correl8 were invited to tender for a complete re-build of the existing website and booking process. The website had to fully integrate with a third party hovercraft booking and payment process. The new website also needed the ability to store Hovertravel's own attractions, pricing and margin and package together with the flight to make a booking. As the project evolved, the requirement for API connectivity to allow for a mobile application was also developed.

As a mid-tier software solution, Correl8 integrated and adapted their own content management system for storing all the attractions and integrated two XML's to finalise the booking process. All booking vouchers, bar codes, confirmations and reports are now processed via Correl8.

"Correl8 have consistently delivered and supported Hovertravel as a business moving forward. They fully understand what we need to achieve from our online presence and completed the initial work within the projected deadline and budget."

 Julie Robson - Sales and Development Manager