"Sometimes businesses need to link back office systems with their customer facing website. Sometimes they need to connect mulitple applications and data sources together in a consolidated application. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we’re happy to see if we can help."

We've built a lot of websites of which many interact with a secondary system via standards based web services. In fact, in travel we were the first web design and development agency to successfully integrate with certain independent travel reservations systems.

Robust, Standards Based Systems Integration

Since the early part of this century, Correl8 has been fortunate enough to work closely with a number of different travel reservations systems, some companies of which we still maintain a close working relationship with today. In total, we have worked on over five different front-end interfaces for varying travel reservation systems, most of which are still available to see today.

We have also communicated via XML with a host of other providers including e-commerce payment gateways, transfer operators, accommodation and flight suppliers.

It can sometimes be a tall order, but we make sure the end result meets your expectations and that it works as we said it would. We are yet to come across a system we cannot support and we’ve never failed to get one working, sometimes in the face of considerable adversity!