"Analysing marketing campaign performance is the tip of the (data) iceberg in maximising your sales. A robust web analytics solution provides far greater insight into how users discover and interact with your website. It can tell you which parts are critical to driving sales and which parts have the opposite effect."

Unfortunately, web analytics is fairly complex and with so much data available it can be difficult to work out what to focus on and what to do with all that information. Viewing web analytics in the context of defined objectives and your marketing strategy is equally critical to your success.

Web Analytics Experts

Correl8 specialises in generating useful management information from web analytics. We know what we are looking for and how to present our findings in a way which facilitates management decision-making and investment.

Typically, we use a mixture of custom Google Analytics implementation and bespoke tools to track your activities, although we can work with many other applications also. All our marketing services use analytics tools as a major part of their reporting and new website builds include a basic installation at no extra charge. More in-depth, bespoke services are also available on request, independently of our other services.

Additional Tracking - a Further Insight

Some of our web clients are already benefiting from a SQL based web application that is allowing our marketing team to extract even more data and monitor user activity. This gives us even more of an insight enabling us to further tweak areas of the site or conversion process, whilst also providing our clients with valuable feedback in terms of their featured product.