"Working in close partnership with a leading hosting supplier, we can be confident that our solutions provide a safe environment for your website."

It is incredibly important for your online presence to be complemented by a good hosting environment. If availability, response times and band-width are an issue, this will have a direct impact on how well your website performs and converts.

Correl8’s Hosting Environment and SLA

Don't be fooled into using cheaper alternatives. A good hosting environment and SLA is like having an insurance policy, you don't appreciate having it until you really need to use it. Many years ago, we found out the hard way!

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to provide 100% up-time guarantees. Any hardware from time-to-time goes wrong and either needs fixing or replacing. We have the agreements in place to switch out any component of our servers almost immediately (even in the middle of the night), so our clients suffer minimum downtime or disruption to their online services.

Fully Managed Hosting Environments

Correl8 offers an array of hosting environments - from a basic solution to service web and email - to a full e-commerce scenario on dedicated IP's with database connectivity and third party software integration.

Correl8's hosting is primarily based on a fully managed service within either a shared or dedicated MS Windows server environment. This means you don't need to worry about administering the server, patching, security updates and auditing. However we can also provide many options including co-location, RDC and managed MS Exchange. Please use the form provided to enquire about our hosting options.