CASE STUDY: Cruising Excursions | A New Concept in Booking Shore Excursions

About Cruising Excursions

Cruising Excursions specialise in providing shore excursions, tours and activities for you to enjoy in hundreds of ports Worldwide. Cruising Excursions handpick their tours and excursions with everyone in mind. Their aim is to provide the customer with a large choice of great value and quality excursions enabling you to maximise your valuable shore time and make your cruise experience a truly unforgettable one.

The Problem

A new concenpt formed in 2011 Cruising Excursions wanted to improve the way in which excursions were sold to the public and at a considerably lower cost. Naturally a very complicated product, Cruising Excursions struggled to find a systems provider that could tailor a solution to match their requirement.

The Solution

Correl8 devised and developed a unique system to store cruise ship itineraries, hold supplier and payment information and run automated fulfillment applications amoung a host of other modules which has helped to grow Cruising Excursions over the last few years into a mulit-million pound award winning travel company.

Quote: “Correl8 have achieved well over and above what we expected them too. They had to work to a particularly tight deadline with a very new product. We are delighted with the website and system they have produced for us”. Simon Purchase, Managing Director 

CASE STUDY: Wimbledon School of English | The Top UK Centre of Excellence

About Wimbledon School of English

Wimbledon School of English are one of the oldest and most established English language schools in the UK and have a reputation for excellence in everything they do. They are the only school to have received 15/15 strengths in a British Council inspection. Wimbledon School offer a wide range of English language courses such as Business and Professional English, Cambridge English Language course and English for Law.

The Problem

Wimbledon School of English contacted Correl8 through a word of mouth recommendation from another school in the same group. They wanted to develop and improve their online presence and bookability to compliment their recent marketing activity. Also, with the growth in mobile search Wimbledon School required a site and booking process that was fully mobile friendly (responsive).

The Solution

Correl8 developed a tailored solution based on their existing 'course booking' module. The way in which Wimbledon School stored their courses and dates varied somewhat to what had previously been completed and so therefore the booking process, basket facility and database was significantly adapted and improved to accommodate this. 

A customised eCommerce solution was integrated via XML into the checkout process and online bookings were written into a Correl8 booking management console as well as via secure email. 

CASE STUDY: The English Language Centre Brighton | A Not-For-Profit School With an Excellent Reputation

About The English Language Centre Brighton

Founded in 1962, The English Language Centre, in Brighton, is a not-for-profit school with an international reputation for providing a wide range of quality English language courses, expert teaching and excellent student services. ELC is the largest and leading independent school in the city and their courses and teaching are designed to provide effective training for students who need English for their work, study, travel or personal pleasure. ELC offer a friendly, caring and safe learning environment with a wide variety of English language courses for adults.

The Problem

The English Language Centre in Brighton contacted Correl8 through a word of mouth recommendation and invited Correl8 along to discuss the potential of overhauling their existing website and booking functionality. The English Language Centre Brighton were quite specific about the way in which they required the course data to be stored in the system in conjunction with their course timetable.

The Solution

Correl8 took the initial brief and worked with ELC to scope out the initial structure of the database. Correl8 designed and developed a totally bespoke design and integrated a fully featured content management system, allowing the school to control and update all content and images across the website. The bespoke modules were then developed and integrated along with a bespoke eCommerce and payment system with their chosen bank.

"Correl8 have been absolutely brilliant. They took our initial ideas and created a website that we are proud of for its design and functionality. Over the years they have created add-on modules that meet our specific requirements like a blogging module and a testing module. One of the key things for us is their customer service – very quick to respond in a very helpful and supportive way. Overall, a great partner!".
Phil Hopkins, Chief Executive

CASE STUDY: Orlando Villas Direct | A Specialist Villa Accommodation Broker

About Orlando Villas Direct

Orlando Villas Direct is a specialist accommodation broker bringing their customers some of the best availability at the lowest prices in Orlando. Unlike many of its competitors, Orlando Villas Direct offer realtime availability, mostly via XML links with reputable US suppliers. OVD now has more direct 'live' bookable homes than any other website in the UK and is now looking to market their product further afield to Europe and the Middle East. Boasting price match guarantees and low deposits, Orlando Villas Direct are determined not to be beaten on price!

The Problem

Orlando Villas Direct approached Correl8 in 2013 with a concept based around distributing rental villas in the UK, but in a different way to the majority of other tour operators. Orlando Villas was to be more 'technology' and website based using live availability as opposed to simply advertising an online brochure based website with enquiry forms. With over 20 years in the travel industry, Orlando Villas Direct used their experience and contacts to source villas direct from the supplier to bring you the lowest possible prices on the Internet.

The Solution

Correl8 found that a number of US management companies had some XML capabilities, but they were few and far between. A number of different modules were divised in order to still offer real time availability but with developing work-arounds where third-party systems were not 'up to scratch'. Correl8 is now working with 8 XML suppliers to pull in live availability with a seemless booking process. 

"I have both known and worked with the guys at Correl8 for well over 10 years now, and in that time they have never failed to deliver work and technology to the highest standard. That was why I was confident that they were the right partner for my new business". Stephen Powell, Managing Director