"SEO has always been a key part of online marketing. The basic concept is getting the major search engines to place your website as highly as possible and attracting as much free traffic as possible. Correl8 has successfully achieved triple digit percentage increases in traffic for our customers."

Many businesses turn to SEO because PPC or other paid media has not really worked for them, find out why that could be the wrong reason to get into SEO.

SEO is About Increasing Sales

Most people measure the success of search engine optimisation by rankings and traffic. The reality is that those are factors of success rather than measures of success. The purest measure of success is the difference SEO makes to your bottom line.

Ranking number 1 for a keyword is meaningless unless it generates traffic. Generating traffic is meaningless unless it results in increased business. If a company is considering SEO because they have been struggling to make paid search profitable, they first need to address why PPC was not profitable.

It is not that SEO is less profitable than PPC, in fact it is usually more profitable long term. In some sectors, it might be that the cost-per-click was just too high to make a profit amongst big brand advertisers, but it is important that the true reason is identified prior to starting SEO.

By using the approach of addressing problems with website performance and delivering huge increases in visibilty and traffic, Correl8’s clients have been able to reduce offline ad spend, throttle back their paid search and still realise enormous gains in sales.

Expertly Managed SEO Services

Before initiating search engine optimisation, a Correl8 consultant works through your marketing plan with you, looking for the best possible way to align your SEO strategy with your marketing objectives. If you don’t have a marketing plan we can help you outline one or work with another specialist on your behalf.

Our consultant will ask you about other marketing activities, your objectives and your target market but don’t worry, it will all be covered by a non-discolsure agreement. We will look at your performance figures, examine your website and your competitors to create a plan of activities aimed at adding value to every stage of your sales process, not just improving your rankings.