"Most marketers and business owners know paid search marketing can be highly effective if done correctly. Unfortunately, all too often PPC is treated as a stand alone advertising channel rather than an a fully integrated part of the marketing strategy."

The result of the above statement is that paid search campaigns are targeted to keywords rather than to market segments and are often isolated from other activites. This is sometimes contributed to by outsourcing PPC to a separate provider with no input or insight into the wider marketing plan.

Running PPC with Correl8

In order to deliver a better return on your investment, a Correl8 consultant works through your marketing plan with you, looking for the best possible way to align your ad spend with your marketing objectives. If you don’t have a marketing plan, we can help you outline one or work with another specialist on your behalf.

You’ll be asked lots of questions about your business, your market and your objectives but don’t worry, it will all be covered by a non-discolsure agreement. We will look at your figures, performance of any existing marketing campaigns and create a plan of activites aimed at adding value to every stage of your sales process (not just optimising ads and keywords).

Managed PPC or Supported Activities

Would you like to run your activities with expert guidance or do you need an experienced expert to do it all for you? Most people choose our fully managed service but it is entirely up to you.

Once you are up and running, we plan ongoing work, reporting and activities around your needs and objectives. You are fully included so you will know what we are doing for you at all times. You will be on first name terms with all the people involved in your marketing and know their role in delivering highest possible returns for your ad spend.