"Up until fairly recently, email marketing was one of those things marketers did because they felt they should. The emphasis was on it being a cheap way to push a message to potentially interested parties."

In the last year, perceptions to email marketing are slowly changing and most marketers acknowledge that there is a better way to do email. It can be a very cost-effective way to market to a large amount of potential (and somemtimes existing) clients, but only if done correctly.

Best Practice Email Marketing

Increasingly, the focus of HTML email marketing is personalisation and relevancy to the user. The more relevant the offers and content are to the user, the more likely they are to purchase and the less likely they are to mark you as spam.

Why Should You Care About Spam Reports?

A user who marks you as spam or unsubscribes is saying your message is not relevant to them or they don’t trust your message. What could give you greater insight into your customers than that?

Also, the more spam reports major email and internet service providers receive and the more black lists you appear on, the less likely your emails are to be delivered. Not reacting to this can have a devastating impact on your deliverability and your brand.

Managed Email Marketing by Correl8

Before the first email goes out, a Correl8 consultant will work through your marketing communications strategy to identify the best ways to engage your audience via email. Using our cutting edge email marketing system with its market leading deliverability platform, our email consultants create a unique strategy for your business aimed at maximising your sales cycles.

Every email we send aims to teach us something new about your market and this is used to optimise future email campaigns. Our system facilitates tracking at every stage of the process, from initial email address validity and success of delivery through to opens, clicks and conversions. We can send surveys linked to your data strategy and manage event marketing online. It’s so intelligent it can send completely unique emails to everyone in your database and it can measure individuals interests, likes and dislikes of your email program and website. Furthermore, it can automatically use that information to tailor your communications with each individual person.