"There are a variety of content management systems on the market, which will all perform the majority of tasks required. What Correl8 is aiming for with our product is to achieve all this and more by using a unique blend of modular functionality and bespoke 'add-on's' to match customer requirements."

To be cost-efficient for clients, most CMS providers aim to make their products as standardised as possible. That’s great, but it is rare to have two companies with the exact same requirements.

The Bespoke-Modular CMS Concept

This need for flexibility and cost-efficiency made us think…"How can we provide a service at costs similar to an 'out-of-the-box' CMS without forcing customers websites to look the same?"

The answer was to build a system which took standardised ‘modules’ of functionality whilst allowing complete flexibility as to how those are used and represented on the web. As well as being powerful, cost-effective and flexible, this approach also allows us to rapidly deploy and integrate great new features for all our customers without expensive integration costs.

Additionally, because our CMS uses standards based web technologies, it’s a piece of cake to integrate with other web services. This means that your CMS driven website can be integrated with your CRM software, email marketing platform, back-office systems and potentially thousands of other web-based applications.

For Our Travel Clients

If you are in the travel sector, we also have integration modules for certain reservations systems and XML providers and if yours is not on the list then we are confident we can build it.