"It's important to realise that website copy is for both users and search engines. We go to great lengths to ensure any copy we provide works for both."

The copy on your website is most likely the single biggest contributor or inhibitor to your online sales process. People underestimate the power of words on the web, we don’t. Copy must be engaging, it should skim read well but should also hold up to more careful examination.

Copywriting for Search Engines

Copy on a website performs a dual function: it must sell your services and appeal to search engines. Getting sufficient high quality content together for selling your services and optimising for search engines is resource intensive, not to mention challenging. That is why we offer out-sourced copywriting services delivered by our in-house search engine marketing professionals.

Working with You to Write SE Friendly Copy

We obviously appreciate that engaging an agency to write 300+ pages of search engine friendly copy is not just time-consuming it can also be very costly. We are therefore fully flexible and can offer our services as a supplement to your existing copywriting staff. We can even provide you with best practice guidelines in producing search engine friendly copy.