"Let’s say your website generates £2 for every £1 spent on advertising. To make £10,000 per month you need to spend £5,000. What if spending a few £k made your £1 generate £4? Your required ad spend drops to £2,500 plus a couple of £k over a few months in optimisation work. Surely that adds up in any economic climate?"

Multiply the example provided above over 12 months and you could save between £80k-£90k on your ad spend. OK, so it is not quite as simple as that but basically this is what conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is all about.

Reducing Spend, Increasing Margins

Have you considered what would happen if your advertising efficiency dropped? What action would you take to maintain profitability? For most businesses, the answer is to find cheaper advertising but that usually means downgrading quality and losing volume and probably staff.

For many businesses, their advertising efficiency has dropped in the last 12 months. CRO is the only way to maintain your margins and continue to compete in the best advertising channels available, regardless of market conditions.

Companies able to combine smart conversion rate optimisation activities, expert marketing optimisation and in-depth reviews of market positioning and product offerings should survive and stand to gain from weaker businesses as their markets pick up again. To ensure a prosperous future, you need a partner who provides that expertise affordably right now.

CRO Service Delivery by Correl8

Using over 13 years of web design and development experience, proven expertise in online marketing and of course CRO, Correl8 offers low risk / minimal investment conversion rate optimisation consultancy and implementation services to boost your bottom line.

Our CRO services are available as part of other marketing activities or as a stand-alone service. We can implement, measure and optimise the testing for you or we can draw up an implementation plan for internal staff or third party agencies to follow. We are as comfortable working with external practitioners as with our in-house experts.