"Truly effective marketing planning requires a strong business case for investment and expertise in all potential marketing channels. It is rare to find a single person qualified to oversee every level of this process and it is sometimes costly to maintain a team of genuine experts in all fields."

For this reason the same online marketing planning and consultancy methodologies and expertise used for our fully managed services are offered to a limited number of clients as a stand alone service.

Correl8’s Strategic Marketing Consulting

As with all our marketing services, the consulting process starts with a thorough audit of your current activities and a run through of your marketing plan. If you do not have a marketing plan then we help you outline one or work with a specialist on your behalf.

You will be asked lots of questions about your target market, your business and the performance of your current marketing but don’t worry because it will all be under a non-disclosure agreement.

At the end of the process, you will be presented with an actionable plan relating to your marketing activities. This can be used to brief your own teams, presented to management or actioned by us as required. In addition, there is an option of a retainer for ongoing insights and analysis should this be required.

Third Party Vendor Selection

It is pretty unusual for a marketing services vendor to offer vendor selection and management services but because making smart selection decisions is difficult we offer a service to help, even though this would exclude us from the tender process.

If you are looking for an independent expert team with insight into online marketing to find, select and manage third party vendors, projects and tender processes then we are here to help. Because we provide most of these services ourselves, we recognise signs of good and bad vendors and know the most telling questions to ask, sometimes because someone has asked them of us first!