With the consolidation of all Microsoft search properties as Bing, we take a look at the impact for smaller advertisers and the search engine marketplace.

We’ve seen a significant and consistent rise in organic (free) traffic from Bing when compared to the old live and MSN search properties. We asked our agency team at Microsoft if this was an experience shared by many.

Click Cost Hyper-inflation and Google

Google is a dominant force in search engine marketing, supporting the majority of internet users in their daily web activities. Unfortunately for advertisers, the lack of choice means high click prices in many sectors, making it significantly harder to run profitable marketing activities.

As an example, the combination of current market pressures and annual growth has lead to a 40% rise in cost-per-click on Google this year for one client. Microsoft reference clients paying on average 25% lower CPC than Google and that independent research by NNR indicates 42% greater probability of conversion.

Agency View - Google AdWords vs. Microsoft Adcenter

Typically, agencies focus on Google due to traffic volume however, for smaller advertisers or those in highly competitive markets, the Microsoft Adcenter platform is starting to look like a very worthwhile alternative. Bing is now commonly the most significant search engine next to Google for most websites we promote.

In an economic climate where businesses are competing for fewer customers and spending more to acquire them, cheaper, less contested channels become more attractive. Not only has Bing’s search market share grown significantly, it also appears click costs are still lower and click-through rates higher than Google and Yahoo.

How Viable is Advertising in Bing?

Interestingly, despite our initial scepticism, it seems there has never been a better time to try Bing. Their increased market share, comparitively low click costs and higher conversion rates make advertising on Bing via Microsoft Adcenter an attractive prospect.

In an effort to help businesses gain momentum this year, we are offering a fully managed Bing marketing service trial with no set-up fee and no service fee (for the first 3 months). All you pay is the click costs and remember, they are usually significantly lower than equivalent Google AdWords traffic.

This offer is strictly limited to a small number of accounts. If you are interested then please contact us for more information.